New Year, New Hope

Hope & Positivity is the outlook for this new year with planning as the number one priority in January 2022.  Why do we plan so far in advance amidst uncertainty?  We believe it’s because the outlook for the future is hopeful.  So many in our community are planning to return to a more familiar style of being together… after a full year of virtual galas, hybrid events and limited guest counts, with a follow up year of ups and downs with events –  we intend to again assemble in person, plan large weddings that were envisioned for so many years, and celebrate in big ways.  Engagements are at an all time high and we are so excited to be a part of our couples’ wedding days as they start their new journeys.  Baby showers and milestone birthdays are flooding the calendar, all that much more special with so many loved ones in attendance.  Helping to memorialize these occasions is why we do what we do… it is an absolute privilege to be able to serve our clients and neighbors once again in the way we know best – big gatherings, amazing food, outstanding company.

We feel there is so much to be enthusiastic about as we enter this year, but also look back on these challenging times learning valuable lessons.  Most importantly, that together we are all truly stronger, and we value the relationships we’ve been lucky enough to preserve as well as those that we had the pleasure to cultivate.

Therefore, we are reflecting on these past two years with tremendous gratitude.  Having the ability to see clients in person again in 2021 and help them to celebrate their important moments, fills us with so much appreciation for the future.  Witnessing visions that they had put on hold for an extra year come to life was inspiring.  And 2020, despite its’ challenges, truly brought us all together as a community.  As we adapted to meet our clients’ needs in different ways, our relationships with them thrived and we fostered new connections.  Our network of vendor friends grew in size and strength as well – as we all pivoted to support each other when events weren’t able to move forward.  We collaborated to reinvent the wheel and find ways to continue to bring our community together while they were physically forced to be apart.  And when events did come back, we found ourselves eternally grateful for these newly strengthened relationships as those partnerships became the foundation our clients dreams were built on.  

We are hopeful for what is to come and grateful for what has already occurred.  We are abundantly blessed to have the network of clients, vendors and friends that we do and know that we are stronger for it.  Here’s to a bright outlook and positive anticipation for 2022! 

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We look forward to continuing to serve you in 2023 and in addition to full service events, we will be offering deliveries for our Family Meal program on Tuesday and Thursday of each week. See this week's menu on the Family Meals page of our website. We can't wait to hear from you.